Brush Trucks

Our fire brush trucks boost a wide array of configurations. Flatbeds, work stations, and crosswalks to brush rescue combo trucks. We build every firetruck to meet your needs.

Unruh Brush Trucks Are Unmatched in Features & Durability

Unruh Fire Brush Trucks are feature loaded and built to your exact specifications. No shortcuts. No cut corners. We build every vehicle knowing that lives depend on our work. That’s why we employ active duty firemen – to tell us exactly what’s important in the heat of battle.

Our brush trucks are truly versatile, delivering maximum capability for any situation. And best of all, they’re 100% custom built to your exact needs!

Brush Truck Work Stations

Work station brush trucks have a crosswalk allowing firefighters to fight fires from elevated heights – keeping them safe and allowing them to work effectively.

Heavy Duty Brush Trucks

These heavy brush trucks are on larger chassis and are capable of carrying up to 1300 gallons. These trucks are a true show of force when facing tough situations.

Specialty Wildfire Brush Trucks

For everything else, Unruh Fire offers 100% custom fire truck solutions. Flatbeds to fully enclosed compartments – your team will have the exact gear they need to perform their best.

Every Need Is Unique, Just Like Our Fire Trucks

Unruh Fire is the industry leader in custom firetrucks for just one reason – we acknowledge that you know best. Before a single weld is made, we’ll talk with and learn everything we can about what your crew needs. Custom isn’t just a clever word for marketing, it’s what we do. It’s who you are.

Our Wildfire Trucks Are Designed and Engineered As First Responders

 They are the most versatile fire apparatuses on the market today. Period. If you let us, we’ll prove it.

Let’s Get Started Building Your New Truck Now

Right now is the best time to get started building your custom brush truck. Our team of designers, and AHS certified welders are ready to prove once again why Unruh Fire is the top fire truck manufacturer. Anywhere.

Put our experience to the test. Call us right now to start building your custom fire truck.

Questions? Contact Us Now!

We'd love to answer any questions you have about Unruh Fire, our fire trucks and equipment. And remember, we custom build to meet your specific needs.