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Trailers Grain Engulfment and Entrapment Rescue

Trailers Grain Entrapment Rescue Training
The best tool you can have for training rescue workers who deal with grain engulfment and entrapment recuse situations. Just like all of our products, we can outfit this trailer with the specific tools you need to train rescue professionals in your department or area!


  • Unruh 40′ Grain Engulfment/Entrapment Rescue Training Trailer
  • Permanent mounted hopper bottom grain bin
  • 2 direction integrated grain handling system
  • Enclosed grain storage hopper simulator
  • Removable hatch insert for confined space training
  • Grain panel cutting prop
  • 7KW Cummins on board generator
  • Custom designed folding staircase access to training platform
  • Convenient safety railing around roof-top training platform
  • Wired remote controls for grain handling system
  • Roof mounted Halogen scene lights for night-time training
  • 5 brushed aluminum roll up style doors for on board storage and compartment access
  • LED interior compartment lighting
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Turtle Tile in all shelves
  • All LED required DOT lighting
  • Custom graphics package