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Type 6 Rescue Vehicles

Unruh Fire has 20+ years of experience building Type 6 Brush Trucks and Wet Rescue Vehicles. With firefighters in mind, our Type 6 brush trucks and wet rescue vehicles are built to the exact needs and specifications of your crew. All custom. Every time.

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Type 6: Evolution of Innovation

Unruh Fire Type 6 Brush Truck and Rescue Vehicles are the culmination of products going back 20+ years. All of our Type 6 vehicles are built to meet or exceed standards of federal and state agencies and departments across the country.

Our Type 6 Brush Trucks and Rescue Vehicles are equipped with custom options that fit the exact needs of your crew.

Unruh Fire’s Type 6 Rescue Vehicles are in service daily throughout the nation in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Our trucks and vehicles are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of the day-to-day use.

The Unruh Difference

Among the other great features, our Type 6 Brush Trucks and Wet Rescue Vehicles are set apart from other brush trucks in the industry:

ford f550 custom fire truck
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Build Your Custom Type 6 Truck

When it comes to custom built Type 6 Brush Trucks and Rescue Vehicles, there’s no better choice than Unruh Fire! Click the button below to start building your Custom Type 6 Rescue Vehicle NOW!